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Help us make sure everyone can have a good time and go home healthy!


We are committed to ensuring a safe and fun environment for 100% of our attendees. Aerials and air steps are not permitted on the social dance floor. 

If you have a concern or witness something that you want to bring to our attention, please do not hesitate to notify any of the organizers/volunteers in person or email us and we will handle the issue.  Thank you!

Our Sunday beach dance will be outdoors but we are taking a lot of measures to ensure people will not overheat.  All the dancing will be out of direct sunlight, we will have free water from coolers, we will set up fans so people can sit and cool off.  And if it is rainy or there is extreme heat, we have an alternate venue that is indoors with air conditioning.  

Covid Safety

Covid is unfortunately here to stay and dancing is an inherently risky activity for transmission.  We strongly encourage everyone who can to get a vaccine and test yourself for covid prior to the event.  If you are feeling sick or test positive for covid before the event, please contact us and we will be happy to fully refund your ticket.  Please don't endanger the rest of our attendees.  Thank you!

We encourage anyone to wear a mask if it will make them feel more comfortable and ask that people respect the decisions of others. 

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