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Registration for Sea Jam 2024 is Open!

Pass Options

All Weekend Pass

Full admission to every event at Sea Jam.  Including six hours of live music, four hours of instruction with fabulous instructors, six hours of late night DJ music, as well as our Sunday Farewell Dance!  Prices increase closer to the event.  

(Sold Out) Peregrine Pass - $80  (Get your tickets by April 30th for this discounted rate)

The Peregrine Falcon migrates to Wilmington in Winter. Holders of this pass emulate the fastest animal in the world. No one buys their passes more swiftly.


Flytrap Pass - $90 (Get your tickets by May 31st for this special discounted rate)

The Venus flytrap is native to the Cape Fear region in about a 60 mile radius of Wilmington. The Flytrap flowers in spring and can be seen catching and eating insects out in the wild. Holders of this pass sure know how to "catch" a good deal.

Skimmer Pass - $100 (Price after May 31st)

The Black Skimmer nests on the beaches around Wilmington throughout the summer. Graceful and swift, this bird snaps up fish just off the coast. Holders of this pass know that waiting for just the right moment to skim into the event pays off.

A la Carte Prices

Friday Night Dance with The Fabulous Nite-Life Boogie - $15

Workshops - $25 each

Saturday Night Dance with Gin Fizz - $20

Late Night Dances - $10

Sunday Farewell Dance - $10

To attend Sea Jam 2024, purchase a badge and register using the links below.  We ask that you purchase tickets before registering so we can keep our records straight.  

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