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Dance Lesson

Cape Fear Swing Dance Society's Code of Conduct

  • Dance is for everyone. Any skill levels are welcome, and we encourage more experienced dancers to dance with beginners to make sure they feel welcome.

  • Treat your instructors, organizers, staffers, and fellow dancers with kindness and respect. Please refrain from chatting while the instructor is talking to the class.

  • CFSDS is inclusive. Any hateful speech or conduct is absolutely prohibited. We reserve the right to remove those who exhibit disrespectful or inappropriate behavior.

  • No form of harassment will be tolerated. That includes sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, and sustained disruption of lessons or other events. Do not engage in "pick-up" behavior that makes our attendees uncomfortable, or you will be asked to leave.

  • CFSDS is welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community. Please respect your teachers' and fellow students' pronouns.

  • Anyone of any gender can dance any role: lead, follow, switch, or solo.

  • Ask for consent! Dancers can say no to dances, and can say no to particular acts within a dance, including dips. Any dancer can choose to end a dance mid-song if they so choose.

  • Treat our venues with respect. We are grateful for our partnerships in this community, and we want to treat our venues well so we will be invited back!

  • Absolutely no aerials on the social dance floor! While they're incredible in choreography, it's too dangerous to perform aerials surrounded by other dancers.

  • Please do not attend classes or dances if you are sick! 

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