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Musical Talent!

Live Bands

The Fabulous Nite-Life Boogie

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Hey Now! It’s the Fabulous Nite-life Boogie bringing the swingin’ sounds of 1940–1960 and beyond to the modern times. Jump, jive, rock-n-roll, straight-up swing and even a right turn into the Blue Note era of jazz.


This is not a cover band, not an oldies act but a love letter to a sound that keeps toes tapping, fingers snapping and the crowd yelling “Hey bartender! Make it double!”

It’s the nite-life boogie, it’s the all-night boogie for joy!

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Gin Fizz

Gin Fizz is a jazz / funk 5 piece band who loves to take songs you love and spin them in a nostalgic way, giving them a retro feel.  Their music lends itself to Lindy Hop and swing dance, making you want to dance the night away and even sing along!

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Laura began DJ’ing in Greenville, NC in 2001 for the yet-to-be-formed ECU Swing Dance Club, chosen by default because she had the most swing CDs (which, at the time, was about 10). Since then, her music collection has expanded greatly to become a joyous selection of swinging music. She loves female vocalists, bouncy instrumental tunes, songs with lyrics that make her laugh, and, above all, hot trombone solos.


Laura Windley

Photo Credit:  Hilary Mercer Photography

Ryan Swift

Ryan has been swing dancing since 1998 and started DJing for dancers shortly thereafter.  For the last 15 years he has been the co-organizer, music coordinator, and house DJ for Frim Fram Jam, the longest-running weekly swing dance in NYC.


He has had the privilege of DJing for numerous Lindy Hop exchanges, dance camps, weekend workshops, and competitions, including national events like Stompology, Camp Hollywood, Uptown Swingout, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, Swingout New Hampshire, California Balboa Classic, & Frankie100, and in NYC at events like Lincoln Center's Midsummer Night Swing.


Ryan has also served as Head DJ at events such as the International Lindy Hop Championships, LindyFest & Lindy Focus.


In addition to DJing, Ryan was a founding member of Rochester's Groove Juice Swing, is an accomplished photographer, and is the creator and host of the popular swing dance podcast, The Track.

Photo Credit:  Kevin Yatarola/Lincoln Center

Deena Stuckey


Lindy Hop skills but also served as a means to embrace an array of styles like Balboa, Collegiate Shag, St. Louis Shag, and Heel Shag. With each step, twist, and turn, Deena's journey continues to be guided by the timeless melodies of jazz, and living traditions of Lindy Hop.

Deena's journey into swing dancing began eight years ago in Charlotte, NC. Her initial fascination with Lindy Hop was kindled by her profound love for jazz music, particularly the soul-stirring rhythms and melodies of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and other luminaries of the era. She immersed herself deeper into Lindy Hop, and she found herself drawn to regional dance events. These gatherings not only provided a platform for her to refine her 

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